Lin Scott

Picture Framing in Gingins, Switzerland

Handmade frames from real wood.

High quality, PH neutral mountboard

My passion for photography led me to take an interest in the framing of artwork. In pursuing this I trained with the UK School of Framing.

You may not really know how you would like your artwork framed. We will work together looking at samples of mouldings and mount-board to find the perfect solution.You may know exactly what you want. Perfect ! Your wish is my command ! Some ideas:

Metallic-look coated woods look amazing in place of metal or aluminum frames and are much lighter - and kinder to your wall treatments. Your unmounted artwork on canvas - a simple tray frame may be the perfect solution. Veneered-wood on the one hand allows the artwork to speak for itself but on the other, creates a refined, high quality setting.

Memorabilia: a quirky sign picked up at a flea market, a wonderful testimonial from your beloved Grandfather's employer, signage found in the remains of a farmhouse destined to be amazing new apartments ….. whatever means something to you or that cool find which makes you ask "what could I do with this?" - framing it might just be the answer.

REPAIRS … just a little slippage… but the frame had very few tabs securing the back. After re-attaching the slipped art with acid-free tape, a thorough clean of the glass inside and out, now with the correct number of backing tabs, and dust-sealed with kraft tape …. my client's pastel was ready to go back into its rightful place as shiny and bright as a new pin !

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Communication and P.R professional in the construction & agricultural machinery industries, and environmental & health NGOs. Passionate about travel, photography, the animal kingdom, good food, a nice wine - and of course Art !