Linda Rugg

Public Speaker in Auckland, New Zealand

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We all encounter adversity at some point in life and some people seem to cope with it fine and others never seem to recover from it at all.

In her speaking business Linda Rugg shares her personal journey of dealing with sexual and physical abuse and losing her husband to suicide and how her frustration at not being able to get ahead in life, lead her to discovering the keys to leading a more fulfilling, productive life.

In sharing her story, it allows others who have been going through similar experiences and challenges, to understand how to cope with adversity better and how to apply these keys to their own lives.

In the process of interviewing others who have also suffered major adversity in their lives and have come through it with a positive outlook on life and a determination to find meaning in their circumstances, I have found that they are all very resilient.

I speak about how resilience has helped me and others to cope with adversity and have written the E-book titled The Strategies for Coping with Adversity and Building Resilience.

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