lindsay north

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hi, I am a college student interested in developing my social brand and forming my niche in the world of technological media. My interests include fashion, psychology, dancing, eating dessert, and enjoying life. Being happy is my main priority, becoming a princess is my second.

I watch little to no television, but I do live with a powerful addiction to social media platforms (twitter, Facebook, and instagram being among my major weaknesses). If someone would want to get to know me (or hire me!) taking me to coffee (another addiction of mine) would crack the case.

Also, i love to dream and fantasize. Unfortunately, this is a contributor to the procrastinator inside me. On the flip side my curiosity leads me to wonder about space and the millions of stars that make it up. The vastness is scary, yet comforting that there is always room for imagination and new creations.

This is what interests me about the web. It may be a big scary place where powerful people have taken over, but there is always room for amateurs like me to discover and create my niche inside it.

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  • Work
    • St. Aloysius Elementary School
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University
    • St. Mary's Dominican HIghschool