Lindsay Strouse

San Francisco

Lindsay Strouse

San Francisco

Lindsay is a strategic marketing professional with wide-ranging expertise across the digital landscape, and a strong interest in developing studies and brand plans that will impact the continued intersection of culture and technology.

She is currently working as a Digital Strategist at Google on an account team for high-growth performance and brand clients across the Mid-Market client segment.

Strong passions include:

Researching the intersection of technology, culture and psychology in various communities

Connecting pieces of data, identifying trends, and turning it into inspiring experiences and stories for others

Traveling and being open to spontaneous adventures and challenges

Ultimately creating positive changes for the betterment of others

In a nutshell, I'm living life by the following mantra:

Observe. Think. Do.

(Above order not necessary)

  • Work
    • Google
  • Education
    • New York University