Lindsay Chichester

Lindsay Chichester

Hi and welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

Agriculture runs deep in my veins as I grew up on a cattle and sheep ranch in Northern California, I was a 10 year 4-H member (showing livestock, sewing, public speaking, and more!), I received a formal education in agricultural systems, and have worked a variety of jobs in the agricultural industry (meat packing, feedyards, managing cattle herds, collecting research, etc.). I have a Master of Science in Animal Science, a Master of Art in Speech Communications, and a PhD in Systems Agriculture from West Texas A&M University.

I was an Extension Educator with University of Nebraska-Lincoln for six years (Jan. 2010 – Dec. 2015) focusing on livestock, agriculture, food systems, and 4-H; working with both adults and youth.

January 2016 I began a new career with Nevada Cooperative Extension, which is close to my home town. I am still navigating the waters on what this will look like…

Personally, I am married to the “Hubs” and we have a cat. I enjoying traveling, reading (or listening to books on cd), cooking, outdoor adventures, art (in all forms), and laughing!

My intentions with my social media presence, and my blog: is to be transparent about agriculture by bringing you stories about agriculture, introduce you to the people who grow/produce your food, share with you agricultural practices, share with you meat selection/cookery/storage tips, and answer any questions you may have.

Please let me know if there is a specific topic I can discuss. Thanks for joining me as I make agriculture fun and exciting while highlighting some the science and research.

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