Lindsay Fagan-Rendon

Halfway through my high school career I discovered that a passion of mine is photography, and I quickly pursued that love. Now two years later, I am the head photographer for the yearbook staff and get to spread and show my love for my art everyday at Clark High School.

Living life through a "lens" is something that I actually represent because when most people see me, I'm holding a camera infront of my face or around my neck. It's become such a huge part of who I am, yet it isn't what I want to pursue in college. My dreams are of helping young children with their emotional traumas and mental issues so that they grow up to achieve all they possibly can.

My dream school is the University of Washington based in Seattle due to the family history I have in that state. That's where my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother grew up and it's more of a home to me than San Antonip ever has. It's my safe haven. As I walked through the campus and saw the cherry blossoms I quickly fell in love and knew in my heart that's where I wanted to grow as a person.

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