Lindsay Kiser

Student in Athens, Georgia

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My name is Lindsay Kiser and I am the proud owner of a purple Mace Windu lightsaber. I decided to buy this lightsaber because after several years of wanting one, I had several friends purchase sabers of their own. This prompted me to take the financial leap and buy one of my own. I don't remember when I became such a big Star Wars fan, but it's something i've always remembered loving. I have on several occasions watched all the movies in order without stopping and eating my meals in front of the tv. Not my proudest moments for sure, but well worth it. I am endlessly excited about the newest movie coming out soon, and will most definitely be at the first showing. The lightsaber that I bought is well made, meaning I am free to have lightsaber battles all the time with my friends. We have a group message with everyone who owns a saber, and we meet every once in a while and have battles at night, it is quite the scene. I chose the Mace Windu saber because first of all it's a super cool color and also because he is such an underrated character in the series, he's incredible. I love having something that both lets me embrace my more nerdy side as well as feel as powerful as a freaking jedi.