Lindsay Jones

Welcome to To The Corners of the Earth! My name is Lindsay Jones and I have been eagerly awaiting to travel the world. At the ripe age of 22 (eek!) and a full year of shift work under my scrubs, I am (somewhat) fully equipped to take on the world one country at a time. I hope to post on this blog as often as possible to keep everyone updated on my travels, and also prevent my mom starting a world-wide amber alert (classic Mimi Jones move). With several excursions and life-threatening creatures ahead of me, I look forward to taking some neat-o pics while also fulfilling my items on the good ol' bucket list. Speaking of which, give my bucket list a gander why dontchya? I invite you all to move along the list with me as I check items off one thrill at a time! It's a privilege to be able to share my journey with you while I undergo the full spectrum of human emotion as I fly into the lan' dowhn undah! (I'll work on that). Check back in October for when my journey to the corners of the earth BEGINS!

- Lindsay :)