Lindsey Melendez

Im a 13 year old girl living in orlando,florida.And I have diabetes,but i dont let that get me down.I still live a full life.And i have a wonderful puerto rican family that loves me and i love them too.And I also have friends that worry about me and care about me. And i also have a wonderful dad that i unfortunately dont live with,but the times that I do get to see him it's always fun.And i also have a great mom she's fun too.My siblings have all different personalities,but since there's so many of them I cant tell u everthing.But one thing i can tell u about them is atleast their names.I have 3 older brothers and their names are Eric,Victor,and younger sister's name is danielle or Daniella.And my dad's new wife yoli she's super nice and she makes sure that im doing good with my diabetes.All my family is awesome my life is great.