Lindy Johnson

8520 E. Shea Blvd, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

In Pursuit of You - Recognize and Maximize Your Divine Design –

Re-shaping and Re-focusing the Vision and Direction of
Baby Boomer Women!

‘Life is Either a Great Adventure or Nothing!’ Helen Keller

Lindy’s Bio
I am a Baby Boomer, a wife of 30 years and mother of two adult children. I was an elementary school teacher and currently I am a professional counselor and life coach. I am a professional counselor at Biltmore Family Counseling.

I am passionate about connecting, knowing and guiding others to live their life purposefully and passionately.

My specialty is guiding Baby Boomer women to venture out, explore and discover their core spirit, passions and giftedness.
Internally, we believe that we need to sacrifice our dreams and put others before ourselves. Though we wear a lot of hats, there are times when we wonder ‘who we actually are’ and ‘what we are meant to do’.
Lindy will guide and lead you to re-discover, re-focus and claim your personal vision and direction. She will help you identify and recognize the truths about you and help you recognize and maximizie your design.

"If we are not living our values or purpose or expressing our passion in meaningful ways, we will be living someone else's dream". - Peter Metzner

  • Education
    • Masters Professional Counselor and Life Coach