Lindy Lopez™

Los Angeles, California, United States

At the age of 12, Lindy became a touch typist and front-end web developer using Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop 3. She started "social media" marketing herself online as an internet personality during the Myspace era two years later. As "Lindy Lopez from Myspace™," her account climbed to half a million friend connections from all around the world! This is when she began providing layout design and marketing services (using Adobe's Photoshop) to many high profile clients including Ciara and Haylie Duff.

From 2004 to 2007, Lindy Lopez was very active in the modeling community. And while she had no aspirations to become a big name in the fashion or print industry, she used these projects as networking opportunities to launch a career in acting and singing. With the help of acting workshops, multiple acting agencies, and open casting calls under her belt, she acted in several movies - both independent and feature films.

Her musical interest sparked back in 1998; she started violin lessons at the age of six. Lopez picked up guitar five years later, performing in front of small audiences at packed venues every weekend for two years. With these performances, she was invited to join an organization known as "Network for Young Artists." Alongside current Silver Star Dancers (of the San Antonio Spurs) as coaches, Lindy Lopez performed at city festivals along with a dance crew. Transferring to a fine-arts based high school in her senior year, she learned the art of recording in a professional studio from an R&B artist now known as "Bobby James" of A Lot A Entertainment. As a aspiring music producer, Lopez worked on a number of tracks for herself and other students in 2008; her credits on these tracks also featured her as a song writer. A select few of these songs were released in 2008 on an album titled "SASIC Vol. I."

Throughout 2008 and 2009, Lindy Lopez performed her newly recorded singles around the city, sharing the stage with other independent artists such as Bambu of Red Prodigy. After graduating high school, she interned as a music producer and sound engineer at a local recording studio that independently contracted with Interscope Records. An offer was made to Lopez by a major recording artist and producer to intern out of state...

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