Julien B.


Hi. I'm Glitch, I'm french and I'm 15 years old. I'm a house music producer, FL Studio user and graphism "student". I study electrotechnic technologies at college. Don't worry, I'm a good student and I still have time to produce music ;-)


--- FL STUDIO ---

Q: What are the plugins you mostly use?

A: Lennar Digital's Sylenth1, Native Instrument's Massive, Image Line's Harmless, Boobass, 3xOsc, Parametric EQ 2, Reeverb, Stereo Enhencer, Limiter, Maximus, Filter, and I think I'm done :P

Q: What BPM do you mostly work on?

A: 128.000 :-)

Q: Where did you learnt to use FL Studio?

A: I went on a french website called "Le SiteDuZero" and I followed some english YouTube videos on how to use some plugins.

--- GRAPHISM ---

Q: What program do you use?

A: Gimp 2 :-)

Q: When did you started graphics?

A: When I was 12 I think.

Q: And where did you learn all those cool things?

A: Again, on a french forum called "Concept Graphik". But now, I'm out of this forum and I'm on my own :P

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