Poe Lind

Recently I wrote an article discussing the merits of using free reprint articles on your own site to increase your search-engine ranking. (This article described how Google loves lots of content on your site, how it loves that content to become regularly updated, and how you can get lots of keyword rich content to your site, absolutely free. Clicking link emperor results likely provides cautions you could give to your boss. See http://www.divinewrite.com/Top_Ranking_Free.htm.) A couple of days after publishing, I received a 'please help' email from Loren, a little business owner. Her website is about glass artwork (http://www.headchangearts.com ), and she wanted some clarification on some of the points I made in my previous report. Loren's questions were good people, and the solutions important, so I thought I'd release them. Q: We have a site for glass art. This witty link emperor site has oodles of elegant lessons for the purpose of it. From your own article, I gather that if I produce an articles page with free reprint articles (written by other people) containing 'glass art' type keywords, I'll get larger search engine rankings for those keywords? Is that right? If so, what page pops up in the rankings? The article itself or my Webpage? Also, if the article has been used by other webmasters, won't the search results also include their model of the article? A: In response to your first concern, yes, having an articles page with keyword rich free publishing articles usually gets the effect of increasing your standing. Google thinks highly of internet sites with a lot of helpful material, but it all boils down to whether other webmasters do too. If your website contains heaps of beneficial information about glass art, other webmasters in the glass art field (be they vendors, distributors, or competitors) will soon be inclined to link to you due to the fact that link suggests (for their clients) an association with you. As you are certainly a power in the area that connection raises their standing. Additionally it can help their particular search engine ranking only a little as Google will then see them as part of an expert, credible area of web sites (although the benefits of this for your site are arguable) and minimal. So, in a roundabout way, I'm saying that yes, article-based content can help your position, but only when it i