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The bottom line is - 'If you link to websites that are banned by Google for bombarding, you're inviting the risk of getting banned for relating to a negative neighbor.' Therefore first we must know that what's a bad neighbor hood and how can we know that a website is a bad neighbor to connect to before-you get punished by the major search engines. Bad neighbors are those sites who use illegal techniques to get high rankings or are restricted by the search engines for bombarding. You should not link to a website if it uses unethical methods for reaching a high rating in a search engine, spamming might work for them now but guess me it'll not for longer periods. Right, as search engines know that they are bombarding they will banned and also the websites linking to that site may be punished by reducing their ranks if not can be banned. How a se's understand that whether a website should be prohibited is a matter of debate and those changes from time to time. Today a system may be ok, but tomorrow (in the next upgrade) it may be looked at illegal. Google is among the search engines that can move sites as junk sites rapidly they can get you as soon as you take action. If you exchange links with a site that includes a PR 7 but it uses practices so... What is going to occur, it may benefit you today and you may also get a PR of 6 but as soon as google catches that internet site. You could see your PR 0 next upgrade. You could heard about an advertising network business, SearchKing. Their strategy was to put text advertisements on sites that have a high PR report and use that PR as an easy way to measure part of the importance of the ad. My cousin discovered link emperor review by searching newspapers. An ad from a page with a PageRank of 7 cost more than an ad from the one that had a PageRank of 6. But, there was another effect of the system in Google's pagerank analysis program. Each time a site with high PR links to a site with low PR, part of the value is passed along to the site with low PR. As it is the natural way to create PR now each time a high PR site seems yet another site suitable to link at because of the material, it is okay. In the event you need to be taught further on linkemperor, there are many libraries you might think about investigating. In this case they were connecting to poor quality sites against a cost and as a