Fagan Fuller

Free traffic? The other day I saw that some-one had been getting post-it stickers with the name of their site on bus stop benches and telephone poles. Just how many ways is it possible to get free web traffic? Who knows, but listed below are eight techniques for getting you started.

1. O-nline classified adverts. Search 'free promotion' or 'free adverts', and you'll find there are many places that you could advertise for free. Few of them seem to be of any importance, but I have been using two that work nicely. Place several advertisements, then check always your reports to find out if they are attracting traffic. Begin regularly utilizing the ones that provide.

2. Link exchanges. Link transactions with other web sites help you get free traffic in two ways: traffic right from the other site, and traffic from the search engines, since the link helps your rank with them. Find websites which have a style similar or linked to yours, and send out wonderful e-mails indicating an exchange.

3. Post in discussion forums. This is an excellent supply of traffic for many sites. You get free traffic to your web site, and just discuss things of interest to you (always sign off with a link for your site). If you link to membership pages for newsletters or e-courses you offer, you'll get repeat visits from the traffic. Don't spam, or you will end up kicked out-but true involvement makes a relevant link ok in lots of forums.

4. Research motor articles. Don't watch for search-engines to locate you. Automatically submit to 1-5 of them at www.freewebsubmission.com. You can even send physically to Google (www.google.com/addurl.html). Eventually, search engines is likely to be some of your primary resources of free traffic.

5. Submit to websites. First do a search for niche sites for the main topic of your site. Enter 'listing + online games,' or whatever your site is approximately. Submissions are also accepted by many general directories for free. The worthiness of websites is not strong traffic, however (you will not get much). The price is in the links, which help your rating (and thus traffic) with the search engines.

6. To get supplementary information, we know you view at: http://linkemperor.com. Write and distribute recommendations. In the event that you enjoy an e-book or