Peter Jacobson

Software Engineer in New Orleans, Louisiana

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I got my start online in 1995 when a friend showed me HTML. At the time I worked in movie production and post-production. Once I grokked the prospect of seeing my work immediately, vs the roughly 2 years minimum time you can expect for a film, I was hooked.

Since then I've been building sites and applications for clients of all shapes and sizes, but it took getting married at 46 to my dream woman for me to finally start on my own (our own) tech product (social wedding planning) startup. Getting married? Check it out!

Prior to that I spent 15 years as a cook, baker & chef. Been working since, at 10 yrs old, I sold souvenirs at Stanford football games, and since that time have worked just about every gig you can imagine, from digging ditches & shoveling snow, to go-go dancing, pedaling bike cabs, editing kung fu videos and hawking tamales. Not to mention network administration and IT Director gigs, and building a startup- and event-focused web development shop.

Maybe you've met me in Mt Vernon, NY->Palo Alto, CA->Middletown, CT->Santa Fe, NM->Seattle, WA->San Francisco, CA->Santa Fe->Oakland, CA->Santa Fe->San Miguel de Allende, GTO, MX->NYC->New Orleans, LA->Barcelona, Catalunya->San Miguel->NOLA

and a few in-between?

  • Work
    • Web & Mobile Development & UX
  • Education
    • Wesleyan University
    • College of Santa Fe