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Submitting articles to article directories is usually a tedious process that requires proper style, writer enrollment, and knowledge of the editorial directions established by each writer. Nowadays there are numerous article directories that cater to the general and niche markets. If you require to get more on linklicious free version, there are many on-line databases you should pursue. Visiting perhaps provides suggestions you could tell your co-worker. As a result of the desire of authors to get their articles published on as much places as possible and the absolute amount of article directory sites on the web, some authors have turned to third-party submission companies and automated submission application to accelerate the submission process.

The utilization of third-party distribution providers gifts a moral problem. While some article directories dont care how articles are submitted to them, provided that the articles meet their editorial instructions, many rely on experts as a important source of traffic to their sites. They need you, the writer, to scan their sites, read their submission suggestions, and become a regular visitor with their sites in return for releasing your article.

Any article directory that cares about the grade of articles they publish will spend some time to examine each submitted article before publishing it. I can attest to the task involved in reviewing, reformatting, and correcting small errors of each article presented to me, being an article founder myself. Since I get countless submissions everyday, I'm forced to deny any articles that appear as if theyve been presented with a 3rd party or via an automatic distribution process.

Its not quite rocket science to distinguish between an article submitted by hand and one submitted through an automatic process. The software-submitted article may be improperly prepared, suggesting that the submitter never bothered to see the submission guidelines before submitting their article. It may be lacking a required field, or it may be presented for the wrong type. Different post websites say different directions and requirements for what they accept. Its extremely hard for a computerized submitter to take into consideration all of these differences allowing you to send to many hundred websites with a few clicks of the mouse button.

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