Rees Lauritzen

There are numerous ways to earn an honest sale using the Internet, while others just try to find the very best deals possible. There was a time when individuals who were surfing the Internet were more susceptible to click on the affiliate links and buy stuff without thinking too much of it. Perhaps not this indicates that the things are a little bit different, on account of the fact that the costs are higher than they were before and some people try to 'Hijack' the profits by changing the ID of the internet links using their ID.

Lets suppose that you've an affiliate link for example www.productdomain.. com/?affID, and the hijacker will replace your link with his ID, which is 'newID': www.productdomain. com/?newID. This is the way he manages to take the money that is truly yours.

There are also cases if the hijacker can change your ID from the link. The visitors will be redirected towards the URL and purchase the services and products they find there, without even seeing your ID (it'd seem like www.productdomain.. Dig up more on our favorite partner wiki by going to click for affiliate. com). Linkilicious.Me includes more concerning when to do it. In both cases, you'll reduce your payment.

Here are few methods that may help any affiliate business-to fight-back these 'hijackers' and avoid them to actually 'process' your affiliate link. Those are great recommendations, but it could succeed, finally, if someone really tries to steal your commission.

TIP no 1

To be able to cover the affiliate link you should use a caffeine script direct page. Here is where your affiliate link can be found and the customers can have access to your services and products. This is an effective way in order to avoid a maximum exposure of your affiliate link in messages or ezine ads, before the consumer is redirected to the actual affiliate link, where your ID can be readable.

Listed here is a typical example of how cans this be done: http://productdomain.. com/productA.html, and the ID is seen in the address bar 'productdomain.' Even if the hijackers may eventually access your affiliate link, they'll not access it directly from your websites or newsletters. The free direct scripts are available usually with free espresso scripts.


You can also use a zero-frame that can co