Michael Halka

Well, what is there to say about me? I would consider myself and energetic, friendly, make you laugh so hard milk will come out your nose kind of guy! All joking aside though, I do like to make people laugh. The reason being is because I believe people should always wear a smile on their face, like me! I relate to most people pretty easily, and I talk a lot! Well maybe not a lot, but if I have something interesting to share that I think a certain person or group of people would like to hear, then I could go on for hours! One last thing before I wrap this bio up, if you're reading this bio right now, don't expect this to be who I am in person. What I mean by this, is that you cannot know the real me and all I have to offer until you have met me in person! Words alone cannot express who a person is. So get off that computer chair and/or send me an e-mail!