Lin Merage

Director in Centennial, Colorado

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As Chief Executive Officer at Solne Collections, Lin Merage focuses on protecting the environment and assisting customers to lead healthier lives. An eco-friendly online store, Lin Merage leads Solne in its goal of promoting the environment and health. The company’s products include items for babies, teens, women, men, the kitchen, and more. In fact, Ms. Merage and her fellow Solne employees are so passionate about the health of their customers that they have included a directory of articles with instructions for healthier living on their website. In her time away from work, Lin Merage stays connected with others in her community through membership in a number of organizations. She belongs to the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce; National Retail Federation; Organic Trade Association; U.S. Green Building Council; and Green America, a nationwide, nonprofit consumer organization that supports sustainability, along with social and economic justice. Ms. Merage also has her own small foundation where she provides assistance to young people in need of funding for books, education, and living expenses while they attend special needs schools. She also anonymously donates groceries to a large family once a month. When she is not helping others, Lin Merage enjoys hiking in the mountains, boating, gardening, cooking, visiting galleries, and viewing art. She also attends a number of events related to her professional and personal interests, including conferences that focus on green living.

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