Linnae Dufresne

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Hello! My name is Linnae and thank you for visiting my lil’ space on the web!

I started this blog a few years ago and so much has changed since then. It has been a work in progress and is constantly evolving. My original focus was to blog about the healing power of food, taking you along on my families journey toward health and overcoming our many health issues. Here is my original post about me and how I was able to overcome an alcohol addiction and here is my son’s powerful story of overcoming Autism and ADHD!Currently,

I am a student at Centerpoint Massage & Shiatstu Therapy School where I am learning Shiatsu and other forms of Asian bodywork along with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. I will be graduating in December 2014 (woohoo!!) and I already have 720 clock hours registered!

I am truly LOVING my school experience and I am gaining a profound respect for looking at the body in a different way than Western medicine does, coming to the realization that we are all capable of healing ourselves!

Now my blog has now morphed into something bigger than just food! I am learning that to heal ourselves we must look at the body as whole unit- mind, body and soul… they are all connected/ one in the same. I will be posting information about the bodywork services that I offer, other healing modalities, recipes and foods for healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and so much more!

My goal is to support you on your healing journey and share information with you.

If you are new to Shiatsu please visit my page What Is Shiatsu to learn more about it and the benefits.This is me. I am a bit of a hippy and recently cut off my dread locks. I practice yoga and Qigong and I meditate as often as I can. Being a student and working makes it tough but I do try and make it a priority. Taking care of your body is so important, right?!

I love using my hands to make things like jewelry and other crafty things and I also enjoy painting. I have a passion for gardening and growing my own food and I also have an obsession with fermented foods. I love to read, and these days it all about Traditional Chinese Medicine, but I also love fantasy books and have a ‘thing’ for the Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

My family means the world to me. My husband is amazing and so supportive in everything I want to do! My son is 16 and is just the coolest kid and pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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