Natalino Oteri

Born in Messina, the 01.08.1963, graduated from the liceo scientifico G. Seguenza Messina in 1982, he continued his studies at the Faculty of law at the University of Messina. In 1985 he participated in the course to a limited number of regional specialization and qualifications of expert in fiscal and social matters. Serving conscripts from 06.11. 1986 at 06.11.1987, under arms attends a course of telescriventista and specializes in transmissions of Italian Army barracks of San Giorgio a Cremano-Naples. The world of work is formed at the Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. exercising the activity of the sub-contractor until 1990 when it matures on title insurance agent. In July of that year was hired by the company financial Service Center with the position of Director of the Agency. The passion for the world's financial and insurance pushes him in 1993 to found the company Intercredit to which you add in the catering, 1994 Sogest company which covers the role of administrator. Forced to cede these companies because of the serious illness of the young mother moved with the latter in Milan. He returned to Messina takes the opportunity to work on European projects of the University of Messina in charge of administrative and computer expert expert having, for the latter task, specializing in information technology in the use of pc attained European driving licence ECDL computer.