Editor and Artist in New York


Editor and Artist in New York

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"There was a rhythm and a beat of a snare drum deep in the heart and the streets of Manhattan."

From-Like Litter in the Wind~ a novel by L.M. Ross

PLOT: Love, music, madness & murder play a large part in the rise & fall of a proud Harlem family, circa 1959-1984.

To Friends I’m Just “Lin”: Another Flawed Human/ Native New Yorker/ Dude/ Bro/ Man/Child/ Boho/ Brother/ Hep Cat /Hat-Rocker/ Audiophile: Big Lover of Sounds/ Words/ Music/ Languages.

Poet/ Wordsmith/ Editor/ Lyricist/ Reviewer/ Novelist/ Wisdom-Pursuer/ Optimist/ 24-7 JOY-Snatcher/ Chronic Bro-tographer & Beastly Word Choreographer.

Interests: Publishing/ Photography/ Jazz/Poetry/ Meditation/ Spirituality/ Spoken Word/ Creative Synergy/ Running/ Fine Art/ Yoga/ Film Noir/ Dance/ Authentic Soul & Hip-Hop/ Unwack Lyricists/ Passionate People/ Laid-Back Brilliance.

Yo! You Mad Artistic Mofos: Walk w/Me! Talk w/Me! We are all heartbeats & music; whether we bang a solitary drum, or whether we WAIL like irritated trumpets.

In LIKE LITTER IN THE WIND (my new novel - FREE SAMPLE @ 'artofmonteque' link below) a character says: “Just once I’d like some lively intelligentsia that rubs my cranium with a mouthful of... lovely.” Amen.

SHOUT OUT to all Real Artists who strive & fight to conceive & give birth to Truth, to Light, to Dreams, to Life that leaps & breathes, pounds & pings, fritzes, freaks, fidgets, fumbles, sighs & SCREAMS. My heart skips beats for people with sparks beneath their fingertips & these exceptional few who start riots, ignite fires & Fine Art when they sing. Shout out to YOU who have always inspired me, whether struggling valiantly in the dark, dank shadows of obscurity or dancing in the gold-hued light of acclaim, for without the shimmering of your reflective souls, the conjuring of your gifts & invaluable contributions, this world would be so much dimmer, sadder, less informed & a far less beautiful place.

That's it. That's all. Thanks for visiting.

One Love.


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