Lintang dc

Southern of Queensland - Toowoomba - Brisbane - Au

hello I'm Lintang, rollerblader, slomer freestyling, and students.
welcome here, if you want to know me more, check my social network and please follow me or invite me! thank you.

let me show you about me.

I'm sure all that has passed will never happen again, that's why I really try to appreciate the time for the future. when everyone is complaining, berating, or even just dreaming without doing anything, that's when I try to wake up and realize all my dreams.
Dream underestimated because only a very limited ability, but I could do it all over what you guys think.
from now on try to get up and find out who you are so that you can actually get more useful life and can be more grateful for all that God has given.

  • Work
    • Consultant for New Company
  • Education
    • University Southern of Queensland - Toowoomba - Brisbane