Rohmat Budi


the value of my self with what you feel, it might have well made so your friends, your best friend, your girlfriend or even become your enemy. my life is simple enough, won't be redundant, in fact I was a good person, but if there is a little harsh simply irritable and provoked emotions. I actually have hope of being able to have a girlfriend who is loyal, feminine, white, pretty, cute, funny, same faith, good and not a snob and can thank me for what it is. I am aware of with myself, if I'm not perfect, life is just always so verbal abuse out there, but I wait eagerly got home doesn't hurt people I love especially the mother and father.

  • Work
    • Bassist
  • Education
    • SMA Negeri 54 Jakarta
    • Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM)