Dr. Linus Abrams

In 1993, Dr. Linus Abrams established his private practice as a psychiatrist in Greenwich, Connecticut. Serving as an active medical staff member at Greenwich Hospital, Dr. Linus Abrams is proficient with areas such as integrative medicine, psychotherapy, and psychopharmacology. Recently, in 2009, Dr. Linus Abrams achieved the position of Director for the hospital’s Department of Psychiatry. In that capacity, Dr. Linus Abrams is responsible for all clinical services in the psychiatry department. As a member of the Greenwich Hospital staff, Dr. Abrams has facilitated liaison between the Greenwich Hospital Department of Psychiatry and other institutions in the area, such as Silver Hill Hospital. Dr. Abrams has also played a role in the education of House Officers and has recently given lectures to the Medical Staff on recent developments in Psychopharmacology.

Dr. Linus Abrams earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy and pre-med from Columbia College in 1983. Continuing his education at New York Medical College, he received his Medical Doctor in 1988. Dr. Linus Abrams gained extensive medical experience as an intern at Overlook Hospital and completed his residency at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Pursuing his concentration in the field of psychiatry, Dr. Linus Abrams completed his fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Linus Abrams is additionally qualified as a fellow with the American Psychiatric Association and is a Certified Master Psychopharmacologist. Highly active in his profession, Dr. Linus Abrams is a member of the Neuroscience Education Institute and the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology. Dedicated to contributing to community service programs, he currently serves as a board member of Pathways, Inc. of Greenwich, an organization that assists mentally ill patients with housing accommodations. Dr. Linus Abrams also contributes to Doctors Without Borders and National Public Radio.