Lipozene Reviews

Lipozene is a dietary supplement marketed by the firm, “Obesity Research Institute LLC.” (USA), this product's basic active ingredient is a substance called Glucomannan, the root of a plant called Konjac.

The firm trumpets the product (due to the glucomannan) 'potential' health benefits as helping against high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes and constipation.

Yet the reality that this firm is only concerned with making a quick buck before the truth gets out there- that this product is NOT good for you- let's find out why:

The FTC fined this company $1.5 MILLION in 2005 for false advertising! Google the terms 'fiberthin' and 'proplene' , which were also so-called fiber-based dietary supplements marketed by the firm; and are now BANNED. Yet they also had glucomannan listed as its base ingredient. In other words, Lipozene is like 'fiberthin' and 'proplene 2.0' ! Anybody want to take bets about how long it will be before another FTC fine comes down?

But what about the side effects from using this product(because there are plenty!)? Well, believe it or not- constipation is on MAJOR side effect, because if you're already eating a healthy diet, that diet with provide you with enough fiber. Extra fiber will just clogged your colon! This can also cause severe color damage!

What's more, because neither the fiber in this supplement nor your body were meant to have it ingested in such a pure form, it VERY OFTEN causing bloating! Again, with a healthy diet, you'll have all the fiber you need to make you feel full.

Also, since that fiber isn't being digested and is just sitting in your stomach- it's fermenting...! And that will bring about some serious flatulence.

So all in all, it seems quite clear WHY you should NOT take this product- just too many question marks AND horrible side effects!