Claire Toyne

My name is Claire and i am 17 years old. I have a strong love for anything art, including drawing my own tattoo designs at the moment. I love body modification and have 12 piercings and one tattoo at the moment myself. I am obsessed with manga and anime as well as chocolate. My friends all call me Claire Bear though my dad calls me LaLa.

I am studdying childcare level 3 at the moment and are keen to start a career in childcare in 2 - 6 years depending on university. I am quite well spoken and very well educated and proud of that.

I love hair dye! I have dyed my hair around 10 times this year alone, all different colours, most of which are bright. I am proud to be very unique in my own way and stand up for everything which i believe in no matter what. I hate bullying and try my best to stop it on every account. I love to donate money to charities. One of which is St Lukes Hospice because they do an amazing job and it was my nanan's final place before she passed away.

I am engaged and love my fiancee more than anything. Family and friends are my life, and being 1/4 irish and with my fiancee's family being itallian, i an hoping to travel to both places to get a better idea of my whole family and my fiancee's too.