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My name is Nguyen Duc Khuong, i am a multimedia designer of RMIT Vietnam. this is created for my concept course assesment about a disaster in SE Asia. I'm working on a project that raise people awareness about the art of queuing.

There's a reality in Vietnam that the art of queuing here is so poor. In order to raise people's awareness about this subject, this project is going to attack the shame of adults when they can't set the right lifestyle example for the children, the future of the country. We will shoot a interview with 5 - 8 kids, show them a montage of real life stories about the poor queuing awareness of adults in Vietnam, we will capture their reactions and comments, after that, questions about their feelings, solutions will be asked. We will try to direct the flow and feeling of the video to make our audiences to think about their images in front of the kids innocent eyes.

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