Liquid Sound Studios

3328 Corydon Pike New Albany, Indiana 47150

Liquid Sound Studios (LSS), is the professional recording studio and production company of Composer/Producer, W. Tyler Morrison. Located just five minutes outside Louisville, Kentucky, the studio offers a full range of gear from analog outboard processing, to drum kits and our exotic selection of over 150 vintage guitars and vintage tube amplifiers.

LSS provides a full production of services - tracking, editing, mixing to mastering. We utilize today's cutting edge digital technology with a combination of new and vintage analog equipment. All audio is processed first through our forty-eight channel, ninety-six channels at mix down, analog console. We have a 24 track MCI JH-16 2 inch tape machine and our tracks can be cut on various formulas of analog tape and then transferred into any digital format for editing and mixing, or strictly mixed in analog in a 2 inch 24 / 16 track head stack.

Tyler Morrison has worked with some of the best in the music business. The likes of record producers Clyde Brooks - (studio drumming legend), Jeff Tomei - (Smashing Pumpkins, Matchbox 20, Collective Soul), Greg Archilla - (Matchbox Twenty, Collective Soul, Safety Suit) and David Z - (Prince, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepard). Engineers such as Peter Coleman - (a mainstay at Treasure Isle Recorders in Nashville,TN) and Tom Baker - (Stone Temple Pilots, Hoobastank, Beastie Boys, Ray Charles, Rascal Flatts, Sevendust).

Liquid Sound Studios is home to our own publishing company that is affiliated with the largest publishing company in the world, BMI New York. Audio education is an integral part of Liquid Sound Studios. LSS Recording Summits, offer each student time at our console and the opportunity to learn and work in a professional environment.