Liquor Shelves by Armana Productions

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Since 2004, Armana Productions Suceessfully producing colorful illuminated LED to give best lighting solutions for the home, bear bar, commercial bar, restaurants bar and restaurant chains.

Wish for an exclusive alternative in bar shelves? Search out a liquor bottle display shelf that stands out or your bars, clubs and restaurant! Our LED floating shelves will with no trouble to the draw attention to of any bar. Its exceptional aim is sure to add.

Shop for 2 LED Lighted Wall Mounted Liquor Shelves Bottle Display

What would you do to make your bar or restaurant look more attractive? You might not be able to think of much but decorating it with a series of lights and lanterns. But do you know that having LED lights can actually change the look of your bar in minutes and make it look the best? Yes indeed, it is possible to install these lights and make your bar look inviting and beautiful and it will ensure that you get a lot of customers!

These ultra thin wall mounted LED Bottle Shelves come with wireless remote control which can be used to change the colors on the display and create a unique effect in the bar. They have multiple effects making it a totally beautiful object to be had in your restaurant or bar. Drinks displayed in these illuminated bar display are sure to catch the eye of the beholder and is sure to get your cash resisters rolling. It is a great one time investment which will surely yield good results.

These bar displays are easy to be installed and come with great functions which are sure to amaze you. They are lightweight though durable making them the number one choice for your bar. Each shelf has a high powered chip which can produce unlimited different combinations of lights with different colors.

You can create a unique environment with these lights as it will look very catchy. All you need to do is install these shelves made ultra thin at 3/4’’ and see the difference it makes to your bar. They are easily ordered and are home delivered to you in a matter of 4-5 working days. Once you get them following some simple instructions is all it takes to install them and you are done! Wow your customers with the beautiful LED lights.

Liquor Shelving is perfect for whichever kind of liquor store requirements. Armana Produc