lisa 'claudius' marx

hi...(: <3 my name is lisa and I m 14. (: i m from austria. I was born in germany but now I live in austria in a big city. i love it.. i m funny, crazy & unique. .I really get bored easily...Ummm I like being the center of attention n.n!! I loveeee ice cream and cupcakes ^-^ i go to a sport school. i love sports. my hobbies are Athletics, meeting my friends, photograph, musik & dreaming. ;D i m a big dreamer. ;D i love music. *__* metal & techno..without musik my life would be empty... and i like horrorfilms. many girls like lovestories..but i love horror and action. i like vampires movies. <3 I don't go on cam with anyone, so don't ask me