Lisa Magnuson

Born and raised in California at the base of the Sierra Foothills, I live on the same five acres I was raised on. I share the land with numerous family members, chickens, ducks, goats and other various small animals.

I received a Criminal Justice degree from California State University in 1996, worked in an investigative capacity for a bit, then quit to stay home with my own hooligans (I have four, ages 9- 21. And a son in law. A grandson, too; he's REALLY cute!) I have done the PTA thing, the sports thing, the scouts thing, the carpool thing, the volunteer thing. While doing all this, I completed my snoop training and am now a licensed Private Investigator. So basically I'm Nancy Drew, but without the tailored wardrobe, trim figure, roadster, or dad's credit card.

The crochet thing started at age 12. It was forgotten for awhile, but taken up again about ten years ago. If I like someone, I make them a warm, cozy blanket. If I don't, I make them a toilet paper cozy. If I REALLY like them, I make them something chicken-related!

I hope you like my blog. I tend to be funny, sassy, and just a bit smart-assy. I hope I make you choke on your morning coffee every once in awhile...

  • Education
    • CSUS, Bachelor of Arts degree, Criminal Justice