Our company, Kits For a Cause, offers disaster preparedness kits that will help families and individuals prepare for natural disasters as well as apocalyptic disasters. Our company offers disaster preparedness kits tailored to our customers’ needs based on the geographic disasters they face on a daily basis, whether it be a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or apocalyptic zombie attack. Our disaster preparedness kits include basic needs after a disaster including equipment for food/water, light, communication, warmth, tools, personal hygiene, and first aid. Our online store also allows consumers to customize their own kit to fit their personal needs. For every kit sold, the proceeds will go directly to charities that directly assist with people affected by disasters such as the American Red Cross.

Our goal is to help people prepare for disasters by providing disaster preparedness kits designed to sustain a family and/or individual after a disaster strikes. The site is targeted towards individuals in disaster prone areas in the U.S. and abroad who can benefit from these fully customizable kits. Furthermore, the disaster preparedness kits can assist those who want to be prepared for worst case scenarios such as an apocalyptic zombie or nuclear attack.