Welch Design Studio

Los Angeles

We are an architectural studio that specializes in High End design. Since our beginnings in 2006, the goal of Welch Design Studio has been to integrate the best of Architecture’s beginnings with inventive designs, creativity, spirit, and cutting edge technology.

Welch Design Studio (WDS) was founded in 2006 by Lisa Welch. Lisa grew up with a very international and eclectic childhood which centered around art, music and architecture. She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan, and studied abroad in Vienna and Florence. Her international education is evident in her designs which seamlessly fuse art, design, engineering and architecture. Lisa has lead numerous projects throughout Southern California and Europe, which have been features in several magazines.

After 24 years at a company which he helped develop into an internationally recognized firm, Marc Welch furthered his passion for architecture and joined forces with his wife, Lisa. Marc earned his Architectural degree from Cornell University. His projects have won numerous awards, including Gold Nugget Grand and Builder’s Choice Awards. Marc’s projects range stylistically from modern to classic and geographically from California to Asia and the Middle East.

Please visit us at: www.welchdesignstudio.com