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I am passionate about life! I always have been. I believe there is so much out there is the world to experience and we are foolish if we do not strive to do that! Live life to the fullest and fill your life with love and learning. We should be learning something every day! If we don't, are we truly living?

I am very passionate about social media, content marketing and blogging and believe this is the wave of the future for small businesses. My mission is to educate small business owners and show them the power and benefit of social media to their businesses. Marketing small business online is vital for small business owners to sustain their businesses going forward. My company, fleur de lisa solutions, strives to work in partnership with business owners to maximize their online exposure and brand.

I also write a blog about dating. This was not actually my plan, but came about due to a workshop I attended. I attended a bestseller in a weekend workshop and chose this subject out of several, due to my own trials and tribulations with it over the years. Since I have not been able to publish the book yet, I thought I would blog about the material. Everything took off from there!

Being a woman, I am also sensitive to issues that women face daily and in the workplace. I am an advocate for women's issues and women's advancement in our society. I strongly believe there is room for them in all facets of our society and that women bring a different perspective to things and can help in developing a stronger country and society.

I try always to promote positive reinforcement to those who enter my life and work to motivate and inspire others to be the best of who they are.

Health, wellness, and the safety of our food is also very important to me. Obesity is such a problem in our society and there are many reasons this is the case. The quality of our food and nutrition is lacking, and so is exercise for many. While not everyone will be thin, we should all strive to be as healthy as we can. For this reason health and wellness is one of the areas I enjoy working and educating people in.

Be healthy and happy, live life to your fullest, care about and love others. And, of course, enjoy social media!

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