Lisa Coombs

The transition from coming from the small town Colborne Ontario, which I have spent my years growing up in, and into Ontario's capital has had a large effect on me. The small town stereotype of everyone knowing everyone and not much exciting events occurring quickly dissipated as I entered the life of the busy and fast paced lifestyle of the everyday city life.

I came to Toronto with the hunger for education and training for the career path I want to pursue which is journalism. I wanted to attend the University that has been acknowledged with the best reputation for having the most well prepared and successful students after graduation. When conducting my research in grade 12 at St. Mary's Secondary School located in Cobourg Ontario, it had led me to Ryerson University.

I was very fortunate that my high school had a video school news network and I was able to be the head anchor for the show. Being a part of the school news helped me get a sense of what real journalists and reporters do, things such as: research upcoming activities at school and as well in the community, finding the right people to have interviews with, writing out the stories and interviews so I can present them in a clear and entertaining manner.

I found that having the school news network helped students become more aware and involved with not only their school but the community around them. This is what I hope to achieve with my pursuit of becoming a professional journalist, helping others become aware.