Lisa Guess

As a little girl I made some jewelry. You know, buttercup necklaces, a few bead rings,a couple bracelets. It wasn't really my thing, I was never a "girly" girl. I tried, but it just wasn't me. It was in High School that I really got interested in making jewelry. I took every art class I could, and that was good because besides my crush on Mr. F, those classes are the only thing that kept me going. I HATED high school.

That's where I learned about the pottery wheel, and the kiln, and I learned how to solder silver.

Ever since then "I can make jewelry" has been in the back of my mind.

I'm 51 now, if I am going to do this thing I had better get on it, right?

Pinterest is what got it to the forefront of my mind. All those pictures going by with the handmade jewelry, I'd be like, "I can do that, wait, I can do that better"

Well, so far, in my opinion, I'm doing just okay. Wire wrapping is new to me. I had never seen it before a couple of months ago, so I'm really just learning, but it's SO MUCH FUN. I feel right when I'm doing it.

I'm not working with silver now. I'm working with mostly wire from the hardware store. (Okay, listen to this one, in my head I'm like, "anyone can make that craft wire look good, I want to make steel and copper look good")

I'm pretty sure I'm an ego-maniac with and inferiority complex.