Lisa Wilson

Litchfield CT

Lisa Wilson

Litchfield CT

Are you Ready to Feel Amazing With The Raw Food Lifestyle?

The Raw Food Institute is the only detoxification center of its kind in the Northeast. We offer advanced raw food nutrition and detoxification programs that educate and train you in the healing effects of raw foods. Our goal is to make you feel confident in living a Raw Foods lifestyle at home while helping you detoxify and heal your body.

The Raw Food Institute is a state of the art raw food healing and detoxification center.

At The Raw Food Institute, we tailor to 3 main focuses:

Adding the right balance of raw foods into your diet

Raw foods healing and disease support - Food as Medicine

Short term raw food detox

We teach you everything you need to know to tackle raw foods depending on where you’re coming from. This includes:

Health and nutrition lectures from leading raw foods coach / educators
Advanced raw food healing and preventative tools from doctors and practitioners at National Integrated Health Associates
Hands-on food raw foods preparation demonstration classes (live)
Hands-on workshops in raw food sprouting, green juicing, raw food equipment, dehydration, etc.
A one week supervised raw foods detox (live)
All of your meals and detox materials for the one week program (live)
Tools to take home with you to continue with raw food success

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