Lisa Blackburn

Peak Performance and Private Swim Coach in Miami, FL

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My name is Lisa Blackburn and I am your Private Swimming Coach and Personal Wellness Strategist. I help you be your best from the inside out through Professional Wellness, Coaching and Corporate Wellness Services. I work with you and your team on your mindset, nutrition, physical activities and provide natural solutions to provide you with the best program for your needs. I am a resourceful, inspirational leader in swimming, personal health and wellness transformation for female executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes. My mission is to support and coach girls and women to honor and transform their health, body, and lifestyle and athletic performance. I am also committed to educating you to make conscious and purposeful lifestyle choices in order to energize your training, business, deepen your relationships, attain peak performance in sport and create the life of their dreams!

My custom programs swimming programs will teach you how to create more time and energy for your desires as well as maximize your health and well-being - regardless of the stage that you're in in your life. Together, we will create a wellness strategy that fits your needs and supports you in reaching your goals. By taking care of your health and empowering your lifestyle, you will be able to develop the endurance you need in order to achieve your business goals, minimize your stress, and create the emotional balance you crave in every day life.

You can be, do, and have anything you dream of and it always begins on the inside - within your heart. All you need to do is believe you're worthy of it. The gift of coaching is meant to support you in stepping into your worth and claiming your desires today!

  • Work
    • Peak Performance & Swim Coach
  • Education
    • University of Ottawa