Lisa Brown

I've got a knack for understanding the web: it's always made sense. From the first time I edited html in notepad, I was hooked. I've got hands on, real world experience with the things that make most people's eyes glaze over. Geeky things like how apache/mysql/php can deliver a website's frontend and knowing where to look when troubleshooting problems. Site things like organizing content and technical SEO. Design things like using css and creating graphics. Hosting and domain things. All the things you need to run a website.

The best part, I really like to help others understand their sites so they can get more out of them.

I consult, do webinars and workshops and write. Topics include: digital marketing, SEO, WordPress, web development, and more.

I am BrightEdge certified and have spoken at industry events such as Pubcon on SEO, WordPress and other topics. I have also served as an Action Team Leader at Marketers Braintrust (formerly SEO Braintrust) leading small groups through 8 weeks of topic focused training including MBT's own content marketing strategy and my own Optimizing WordPress series.