Lisa Cross

So, what does that mean for you? In your personal life, it means the same thing it means for all of us. Social media is the new public square. It’s not only where the majority of our social interactions are taking place now, but it’s where, increasingly, we are doing our business. We shop online through social media. We sell online through social media. And it isn’t just big business that is learning the value of maintaining a social media presence.

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It is also individual citizens, who are starting online businesses through social media at an amazing rate. Those citizens are finding that they can easily pay for subscription services that integrate online store services with their social media accounts, creating virtual storefronts easily and quickly. All of these business interests have some things in common. They are operating on relatively tight profit margins... and they all need the traffic, the exposure, that having more “likes,” followers, “friends,” and other connections on social media can provide.