Lisa Cunanan

Brisbane QLD Australia

Sydney born and raised, lived and worked in a number of countries around the globe, most recently transplanted from San Francisco, CA to Brisbane, Australia. You're looking at a small taste of my work, places I've been, people I love and me. I bring a new lifestyle experience to online retail. I work behind the glitz and glam with extensive experience in range building and development, trend forecasting, product development, planning and managing sales, client and vendor relationship management, buying, finance statements, P & L, KPI's, problem solving, promotion, brand recognition and development, social media and omni-channel strategy, customer relationship management, stylist, public speaking engagements, and the list goes on.I have worked with big business in collaborative environments following preset roles, and autonomously in small business creating a brand from the ground up, developing leads, contacts, strategies and new team roles to support projects and take them to the next stage. People who know me will say "she believes problems are puzzles and puzzles can be solved." I am excited to be back home in Australia, have my Vegemite on toast, and get started on this new adventure.