Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez

Texas iswhere Lisa "Brat" Martinez calls home. She was born and raised in itsbiggest city, Houston. Being involved in the music and film industry from anearly age has given her the experience and knowledge needed for her creativeand aggressive business approach which has proven very successful for her. Inan industry predominately male driven is where Lisa earned her nickname “Brat”.She was successful in achieving her objectives through sheer determination andkeen insight to certain situations. Failure was not an option.

She hascreated and contributed to the following;

Clothingline – "Brat'sBoutique"

Autobiography– She has written abook relating her experiences on her road traveled to success, Entitled:"To Hell and Brat"

Ambassadorfor National Arthritis Foundation –

Ambassadorfor Rock the Vote –

School and Community Volunteer

On Air Personality – "LatinasUnidas" radio show on

InspirationalSpeaker –

Lisa wasregular in the studio during her high school years and it was here that shedeveloped an interest in what went on behind the scenes with the businessaspect of the entertainment industry. She has worked alongside and with MajorArtist in production, writing, and marketing. Lisa has a special interestwithin the Indie part of the music industry. An admiration for the hunger andstrong desire these artist have inspires Lisa to help those that she chooses torepresent and find success.

Employing her entrepreneurialbusiness skills, Lisa began her clothing line by creating her own style andbecame an immediate sought-after fashion trend setter. In recent years, Lisahas become a highly-sought-after name and face for a number of high profilebrands, television shows, music videos and photo shoots.

When Lisa is not at one of hertwo office locations (Houston and Los Angeles) she can found on the roadworking. She travels broadly across the United States visiting some of thehottest spots in the entertainment industry. Lisa does have a soft spot forfine cuisine and is often found eating out while conducting business. When notworking, Lisa gives her time to charitable causes. She enjoys spending timewith children at local schools within the community. Although maintaining astrenuous work schedule, she does find time to work on her physique. Healthyliving is also important to Lisa and is evident in her sex appeal. As s