Lisa Endersby

Canada, eh?

Lisa Endersby has always had a problem with standing still. Dancing her way between adventures, Lisa is just about obsessed with learning – both for herself and for the students she works with.

A voracious reader from a young age, she balances living in her own head with externally processing anything and everything with anyone and everyone.

Taking on the title of 'Advocate for Awesome', her work in higher education spans defining and chasing student success in leadership development, career services, orientation & transition and her most recent love, assessment.

Lisa has presented and facilitated at numerous local and national conferences but is most at home with a good chat over a cup of hot chocolate (preferably with a side of some sort of chocolate dessert).

In between walking the outside edge of the CN Tower, hang-gliding and zip-lining, Lisa creates, facilitates and assesses programming in higher education to help students and staff showcase and grow their own awesomeness.

The walking, (always) talking embodiment of extroversion, Lisa needs people like you to keep her energized. Please say hello!

Input, Futuristic, Woo, Developer, Positivity. ENTJ.