Lisa Fátimah Armorer

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Lisa Fátimah Armorer

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I AM . . . Lisa Fátimah Armorer . . .


Lisa Fátimah is an international, bilingual, grassroots professional with 17 years in education, law, radio, publishing, technology, translation and village service.

Lisa's editorial career began at Psychology Today magazine and she brings a wealth of knowledge into the global office, classroom and emerging markets. A student of linguistics, Lisa understands diverse cultural nuances, social meanings and the contours of class within communiqué.

HERSTORY is etched in an authentic, resilient hand. . .

Lisa Fátimah was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York within a nucleus of multilingual institution builders, thespians, village activists, jazz musicians and barristers from distinguished, world-wide family traditions. She is personable, pioneering, passionate, poetic, honorable, witty, loyal, erudite and supremely creative. Lisa's differentiated classroom and on air teaching methods have been lauded internationally.

The founder of MISS, a multilingual afterschool for girls, Lisa is the author of Achieving Bilingual Fluency, Jambo en Español and editor of The World's Kitchen Cookbook. Lisa's scholars are migrant, high-net-worth, at-risk, diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, mild Tourettes & Turner’s syndrome. Lisa is the epitome of a caring, world citizen.

With an inimitable delivery style, Lisa was dubbed the "Authentic Voice of Atlanta" and top 5 co-host candidate for CNN's “Talk Back Live" program.

“Lisa creates one of the most dynamic and engaging multi-sensory classroom environments for traditional and learning challenged students alike.She is that rare combination of integrity, scholarship, creativity and determination. She exemplifies the best in the teaching profession.”Martha Hennington, Ed.D, Brooklyn College.

"As John Marshall Law School's Director of Admissions, LisaFátimah's energy, dedication, and creativity were characteristics that we depended upon greatly—and were never disappointed. She is a natural leader." CEO Robert D'Agostino, Esq

  • Work
    • Multilingual Education; Curriculum Design
  • Education
    • Universidad de Benito Juarez de Oxaca, México,
    • Spelman College
    • Georgia State University
    • American Federation for Children
    • Harvard University Extension School