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You are reading the profile of Hair Planet. Stay on this page to learn more about the hair extensions company who offer high quality products at affordable prices, and keep across this and the company’s other social media channels for all the latest on new products, offers and more.

Hair Planet offer a variety of hair extension products for customers to choose from, with the company happy to assist as clients work out which will suit them best. They offer everything from micro loop extensions to professional hair wefts, and are also constantly on the lookout for innovative new products to enter into the market. Recent examples of this include their nano tip extension range and the ombre clip-in extensions, which allow customers to get this on-trend look.

The company’s use of ‘Remy’ hair in their products ensures that they are of the highest quality. Unlike other hair manufacturers, ‘Remy’ hair retains rather than strips the cuticles, which gives the hair a more natural, smooth and long-lasting feel. They have a commitment to ensuring that the hair remains silky and tangle-free throughout its lifetime, and it is regarded as the highest quality hair on the market. It had to be good for Hair Planet to choose it in the first place; they carried out an extensive worldwide search for the best products shortly after their launch in 2005, eventually putting their faith in ‘Remy’, for which they have been rewarded.

In addition to the quality of the hair used, Hair Planet also insist that the materials used for their products are ethically sourced, wherever they come from in the world. Hair Planet source materials globally, from India to the Far East and the USA.

Hair Planet’s products are trusted by industry professionals, as the company supply trade goods to a large number of hairdressers. In addition, qualified professionals could be eligible for a 15% discount on Hair Planet, so visit their website today!