Lisa Holland

Online and Charlotte NC

I am a doctor of physical therapy, certified Axiology practitioner and yogic lifestyle educator that has helped integrate yoga & strategic lifestyle branding into western models of self care and personal performance for the last 10 years. As a mom, wife, 20 yr healthcare veteran educator and public speaker, my main objectives are to share my knowledge in ways I stay healthy, happy and supportive to others .

In 2005 I created BellyGuru LLC, and Belly Guru Yoga(BGY) as my training method for women to partner with me while investing in their mind/body and spiritual health when in pain or transition . This raja-hatha based system blends the modern science of coaching transformation with the physiology of cognitive behaviors and human physiology to provide movement re education, neuroendocrine optimization, psychosocial support, systemic health and neuromotor self regulation .

You can find me lately growing by circling back into the field of student athletic performance where I began in 92' as an athletic trainer, changing lacrosse performance devising creative ways of using human physiology,axiology and neuroscience to co create a lacrosse academy with my husband.

You can find me most days engaged on Twitter in philosophical discussion#solvePT, #bizPT, #BeTheChange, #DrLisaPT and #OmHealing or #OmTastic,. If not online I am reading evidence based principles of physical medicine, creating new exercises, studying movement, learning about brain-gut physiology, challenging cognitive pain models , practicing yoga, or writing about the links between behaviors, yoga and rehab as I am constantly in the pursuit of sharing the most efficient way to holistically optimize personal performance.

When not otherwise distracted by all the yumminess above, I am balancing a private practice, hanging with family and being a perfectly happy homebody perfecting the art of inertia for full life balance. For pain support, educational speaking opportunities or consulting services contact me