Lisa Lampe

Director, Life Coach, and Student in Charlottesville, Virginia

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Most of my time is spent at the University of Virginia in the School of Engineering and Applied Science serving as the Director of Undergraduate Success.

On a daily basis, I discover and then share researched learning strategies with engineering undergraduates. I dedicate my time and energy to this in the hopes that these strategies equip students to enhance their learning inside and outside the classroom. I mainly do this through academic coaching. I much prefer random interactions outside the office.

Connect with me to get connected to resources, articles, and people. As I get to know you and your interests, I can tailor what I pass along. I'll expect the same from you, especially around the topics that I love below.

Hiking - Rock Climbing - Galapagos - Traveling - Iceland - Metacognition - First Year Engineering - Student Advising - Learning Strategies - Origami - Dogs - Higher Education - Math Education