Lisa Lightfoot

Artist, Writer, and Student in Dallas, Texas

Lisa Lightfoot

Artist, Writer, and Student in Dallas, Texas

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Lisa Lightfoot is a working artist in Dallas, Texas- since 1998. You may find her amidst her collection of, rejection letters for bad poetry, rearranging broken bits or piles of paper, and likely obsessing over vintage jewelry finds, researching '40s hat styles, squirreling away silk scarves. Lightfoot does not only revel in the visual rewards of all that is vintage; she believes earth-friendly, sustainable, clothing and accessories can be a fulfilling form of self-expression.

What I believe: I find the world on the edge of a great loss… a loss of the tactile objects we have used to record our history, our way of life, through our art, music, clothing, literature. everything... All that I love is becoming intangible. I recycle or repurpose to record what soon will be 3Dprinted to admire, wear, and will someday very soon be equivalent to a cave painting….

What I create? As an Assemblage Artist, I have an ability to see past what some refer to as junk; I have an intense need to keep it for the walls, or to wear, just not the bin!

Why I create?

I find that being an artist, a poet; is just some form of chronic depression one must live in and through...I am acutely aware of the fleeting nature of life. Through my work, I can express my desire to leave behind some tangible record of that which I celebrate or mourn.

Where Wear- What Why- or Here Hear This: The Rest Of The Artist....

Born in Northern California, raised and home-schooled along with her three younger brothers in the dairy town of Petaluma, CA. Lightfoot was given an outlet in her collection of vintage books and jewelry. She began as a child, and maintains, journals of her poetry, prose, sketches of everything, and collage.

Lightfoot owns multiple portfolios, ranging in medium and matter; almost anything from etching, woodblock printing, to collage, a multitude of mixed media pieces; watercolor and oil painting, print modeling, vintage clothing and jewelry, calligraphy, "pop-up" pieces or "time-based" installations.

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